I am on the latest chapter of my sequel series and this is one of the most significant sections of the story so far. The reason for this is because the main character (who is the most psychologically vulnerable character I ever created) finds a mentor. His encounter with this mentor gives him a greater understanding of his powers and himself. After meeting his mentor figure, the main character realizes that his potential is completely dependent on his ability to form connections with other people and the rest of the story will portray his struggle to open himself up. Because of her unique powers, the mentor figure possesses a type of worldview that gives her an unexpected form of wisdom. Now, the main character is about to have a confrontation with another of the main protagonists and it is going to be a very brutal battle.


I have started the eighth chapter of my sequel series and this is where the main characters start to cross paths. Because they each come from different backgrounds and have certain flaws, they will not be able to work together straight away. This will be demonstrated when their powers undergo evaluation before their superhero careers begin. I look forward to writing this chapter because it will demonstrate the inner workings of a superhero organization that exists in a futuristic society. I will keep you updated on any further developments.