As opening day to Batman v Superman draws closer, I make predictions of what I might expect to see based on what I saw in the trailers. To begin with, I noticed several references to either The Death of Superman and The Dark Knight Returns. With The Dark Knight Returns references, I saw Batman wear the same mechanized suit he used to fight Superman in the graphic novel. With The Death of Superman references, I saw Doomsday appear in the trailers and he is famous for being the only individual who killed Superman without the use of Kryptonite.

While contemplating the outcome of Batman’s fight with Superman, I predict Batman might win because in The Dark Knight Returns, Batman was able to defeat Superman with a combination of a mechanized suit and synthetic Kryptonite. On the other hand, if Batman did not discover Kryptonite in the film’s universe then Superman might win. It could go either way depending on which way the filmmakers take it.

With Superman’s fight with Doomsday, I have multiple predictions. In The Death of Superman, Doomsday could hold his own against the Justice League and Superman literally with one arm tied behind his back. When Superman fought Doomsday alone, Superman was pushed to his limit and they killed each other in a draw. Since Superman will be fighting Doomsday alongside Wonder Woman and Batman, this could be a reference to Doomsday’s ability to fight multiple superheroes simultaneously. As for the outcome of this fight, because Doomsday is capable of killing Superman without Kryptonite I believe something bad will happen to Superman. Because there is a Justice League film planned, I seriously doubt Superman will die. Instead, I think Superman’s fight with Doomsday will result in him being near-death and have a lengthy recovery.

As for Kryptonite, even though there is no direct reference to remnants of Krypton landing on Earth, I think I know how Kryptonite will appear in Batman v Superman. In Man of Steel, General Zod and his followers attempted to terraform Earth into a New Krypton. Even though General Zod failed to completely terraform Earth into Krypton, the parts he did terraform are bound to have Kryptonite deposits in them. This would explain how Lex Luthor and possibly Batman got their hands on Kryptonite, which would put Superman in serious trouble.

A lot of people do not like the idea of Ben Affleck being Batman, but I have seen hints of his performance in the trailers and clips and I see some promise. I admit that when Affleck portrayed Daredevil, I was less than impressed, but he is a much more experienced and refined actor since then so it is too soon to judge him. From what I saw in the trailers and clips, it was as though they literally cast Bruce Wayne to play Batman. They even said that when Affleck has the suit on, his voice will be altered by a synthesizer like Green Arrow’s was in Arrow. This version of Batman is an experienced crime fighter with two decades of experience under his utility belt, which would make him darker, more jaded, and more brutal than the Batman we usually know and love. I look forward to how Ben Affleck portrays the Dark Knight.

Another actor some people have doubts about is Jesse Eisenberg, who will be playing Lex Luthor: “greatest criminal mind of our time!” Some people say his portrayal will be too cartoonish, but I believe there is method to Luthor’s madness for acting like that. A true sociopath would put on a facade that would fool even the most astute individuals like Batman. I think the cartoonish expressions Eisenberg’s Luthor did in the trailers were references to Gene Hackman’s Luthor. Also, I believe that at some point in the film, we will see the true megalomaniacal persona of Lex Luthor. Because the character is traditionally bald, I think Eisenberg’s Luthor will lose his hair at some point.

I look forward to the film and I plan to see it immediately after class on Friday. MAY JUSTICE PREVAIL!!!


I have been monitoring the Presidential Race of 2016 and I have a few predictions about Donald Trump. To begin with, I have noticed that his rallies are becoming increasingly violent. The reason for this is because Trump has instigated bigotry and lured the thugs out into the open, which started when he said he wanted to ban Muslims from entering the United States. Also, Trump has essentially turned the Republican Party against itself, which is evidenced by their determination to bring him down instead of promoting their own campaigns.

Trump himself seems more focused on insulting his rivals and saying whatever pops into his head instead of taking his campaign seriously. He is a businessman not a politician and it looks like thinks he can run this country like one of his corporations. One way or another, he will find out that running a country is a whole new can of worms compared to running a corporation.

Ultimately, I predict that Trump’s involvement in this campaign will have considerable consequences. For example, because so many Republicans are so against Trump winning the Republican nomination, if he wins the nomination he could splinter the Republican Party into different factions. Also, if Trump wins the nomination then Democratic Party is guaranteed to win the Presidency because he has inspired so much negativity both to the public and to political circles.

Worst case scenario, if Trump wins the Presidency then it will be eight years of darkness for America because I believe the violence and bigotry he has instigated could get worse. Plus, Trump’s manners are so bad that he could start World War III while negotiating with another country. Donald Trump is not the President America needs especially with the way the world is now. Just watching the political stage unfold on the news is making me nervous and fearful for this country’s future. God help us all if Trump wins the Presidency.


As a person with autism, I did not always have control over my condition. Like many people with autism, I had to undergo various forms of therapy and groups to overcome my limitations. However, even though I eventually gained control over my condition, not all of these “specialists” or “groups” have had a positive impact on me. As I mentioned in my 2013 interview with Autism Live, I had unpleasant experiences with people who did not understand how to help me with my condition, which resulted in negative consequences.

For example, when I was a toddler, I was taken to a daycare center who did not employ the friendliest of people. In one instance, when I had an episode in which my autism made me emotionally unstable, two of the teachers dragged me out of the classroom by my wrists and ankles and locked me in a closet. Because of their brutality, I was moved out of that daycare center. All of that happened on the first and only day I was there.

Another example of “groups” that had a negative effect on me was when I joined this group for disabled children while I was in middle school. The lady who ran the group was a cold and unfeeling tyrant who mocked our troubles and emotionally abused us rather than helped us. One time one of the children I was assigned to needed to use the restroom and she refused to let him go because she thought he was trying to avoid the group and by the time the meeting ended he wet himself. In my case, I underwent a severe case of depression and instead of helping me overcome my depression, the lady made an exaggerated, sarcastic impression of me being depressed. Also, she tried to make me speak the way she wanted me to speak because she thought I sounded too smart and mature for someone my age.

While some of the school aides I was provided throughout my academic career were helpful and positive, there were some who saw me as nothing more than a job instead of a person with problems. One aide in particular was an overbearing woman who imposed help upon me when I didn’t need any and complained about every little mistake I ever made no matter how minor and insignificant it was. She never understood what I was going through or how to handle my needs.

Even though these “groups” and “specialists” were unpleasant, I persevered and eventually gained control of my condition and live a relatively average life. In general, these experiences have taught me that if you have a child with autism, it would be wise to check the following qualifications of a group or specialist. Firstly, make sure that the group or specialist in question provides a calm and positive environment rather than a hostile one. Secondly, make sure that the specialist actually understands what they are doing and have what it takes to help your child’s needs. Thirdly, make sure that the specialist sees your child as a person rather than another job. With these qualifications, I am certain you will find the right help your autistic child would need.


As an autism ambassador, I have taken an interest in the inner workings of the human mind. I also took a psychology class, which gave me a better understanding of other forms of mental conditions. While writing my sequel series, I drew inspiration from what I have learned both as an autism ambassador and during my psychology class. With this in mind, the characters in my sequel series will be much more mentally complex with each of them struggling to overcome their own unique psychological limitations. This reminds me of the times in which I had to overcome the limitations my autism placed on me. I look forward to exploring more of this concept.


I have decided to combine elements of other stories I considered writing into my superhero universe. This decision was reached after I considered making my literary universe bigger than ever. Since I already had the plot of these other stories planned, it will be relatively easy to integrate them into my sequel series. In some ways, I think my sequel series will be even more epic than my main series, which makes me even more eager to complete it. I have a lot of work to do, but on the upside writing is when I feel most alive and I do love my job as an author. I will keep you updated on any further developments and wish me luck!



I just finished an interesting manga I discovered the other day: Judge by Yoshiki Tonogai. In many ways, it reminded me of the Saw films in that it revolves around people who are abducted and forced into a life-or-death game and the mastermind behind the game secretly watches the game unfold amongst the victims. While I was reading this manga, the Saw theme music was playing in my head and when the stuffed animal the mastermind used spoke, I imagined of Jigsaw’s voice and the signature laugh of the Jigsaw doll. This is a story that is full of suspense, mystery, and dark secrets. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking a good murder mystery story.



As I brainstorm on what form the futuristic world of my sequel series will take, I realize that I have been thinking small. Why keep your literary universe contained on a single planet when there are an abundant supply of worlds to include? I am thinking of having my sequel series in a setting that includes an entire quadrant of our galaxy that is its own government and culture. Plus, it will give my superhero characters more worlds to save. I look forward to seeing how this idea will evolve. Wish me luck!