As an autism ambassador, I have taken an interest in the inner workings of the human mind. I also took a psychology class, which gave me a better understanding of other forms of mental conditions. While writing my sequel series, I drew inspiration from what I have learned both as an autism ambassador and during my psychology class. With this in mind, the characters in my sequel series will be much more mentally complex with each of them struggling to overcome their own unique psychological limitations. This reminds me of the times in which I had to overcome the limitations my autism placed on me. I look forward to exploring more of this concept.


I have decided to combine elements of other stories I considered writing into my superhero universe. This decision was reached after I considered making my literary universe bigger than ever. Since I already had the plot of these other stories planned, it will be relatively easy to integrate them into my sequel series. In some ways, I think my sequel series will be even more epic than my main series, which makes me even more eager to complete it. I have a lot of work to do, but on the upside writing is when I feel most alive and I do love my job as an author. I will keep you updated on any further developments and wish me luck!



I just finished an interesting manga I discovered the other day: Judge by Yoshiki Tonogai. In many ways, it reminded me of the Saw films in that it revolves around people who are abducted and forced into a life-or-death game and the mastermind behind the game secretly watches the game unfold amongst the victims. While I was reading this manga, the Saw theme music was playing in my head and when the stuffed animal the mastermind used spoke, I imagined of Jigsaw’s voice and the signature laugh of the Jigsaw doll. This is a story that is full of suspense, mystery, and dark secrets. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking a good murder mystery story.



As I brainstorm on what form the futuristic world of my sequel series will take, I realize that I have been thinking small. Why keep your literary universe contained on a single planet when there are an abundant supply of worlds to include? I am thinking of having my sequel series in a setting that includes an entire quadrant of our galaxy that is its own government and culture. Plus, it will give my superhero characters more worlds to save. I look forward to seeing how this idea will evolve. Wish me luck!



One of the most bizarre superhuman abilities is the power to control your own biology. The reasons for this are numerous. For example, one could grow tentacles out of their own flesh, sprout another head out of the inside of their throats, or turn their stomaches inside out so they could spray their stomach acid on their enemies. The ways one could alter and manipulate their physiology are virtually limitless, creating countless grotesque forms. In some cases, the individual could use their warped body parts to assimilate other life forms, therefore adding to their monstrous size and appearance. I am thinking of giving this power to one of the villains of my sequel series and I will base the forms they will take on what I see in my nightmares. Just thinking about it gives me chills.


I discovered on the news that BMW had a plan for a technologically advanced car that could drive itself. BMW said that this design would be available to the public in about 30 years. After observing its promotional video, I saw a vehicle that was overflowing with potential. It got me thinking if this is the car of the mid-21st century, how will this design advance and evolve in a few thousand years time? I am thinking of brainstorming on this question as I contemplate on what to include in the futuristic world of my sequel series.


Imagine a being who has the power to be the ultimate warrior. When I think of the phrase “ultimate warrior”, I think of an individual who not only has unmatchable fighting skills, but also a hopelessly insatiable addiction to combat. Some people would consider the “ultimate warrior” to be a super-soldier, but I believe the phrase is phenomenally more complex than that. In terms of abilities, I can imagine this individual would be inhumanly strong, fast, durable and have the ability to anticipate their opponent’s every move in order to counter and defeat them with absolute efficiency. With this combination, the “ultimate warrior” would have the potential to be a one-man-army, able to demolish entire legions with little effort. I am thinking of experimenting with my interpretation of the “ultimate warrior” in my sequel series and I am thrilled at the idea of depicting their fighting prowess.


I am on the eleventh chapter of my sequel series and this will be a little darker than the chapters I have done so far. The reason for this is because it will show how the main villains are adapting to their new environment and the status of their growing criminal empire. These are the villains I will base on the Seven Deadly Sins and each sin is useful when it comes to creating a crime syndicate and consolidating power. Also, this chapter will provide a glimpse into their ultimate plan and what kind of preparations they are making.



An interesting concept that appeared in various forms of science fiction is terraforming, which is the science of altering a planet’s environment so that it could be colonized. If we perfect this technology and improve space travel, we could colonize the entire solar system and maybe even some of the surrounding solar systems, which would allow humanity to establish an interstellar empire. I am thinking of tinkering with this idea with my sequel series since it revolves around a futuristic society. If we had this technology and space travel was at its maximum potential, how many planets would we be able to colonize in a few thousand years?


I have been having an interesting thought about one of the main character for my sequel series. Even though he will be one of the most powerful characters I ever created, he will have one major weakness. His power is completely dependent on his ability to form emotional connections with those around him. However, he will be psychologically vulnerable and mentally withdrawn due to a traumatic experience he had as a child. As a result, he has not been able to access his full potential for years and throughout the sequel series he has to learn to slowly come out of his shell and connect with people therefore unlocking his true power. Not since Vogan have I created a character this complex and I look forward to tinkering with him further.