I have reached the 13th chapter of my sequel series and this is where the action really begins. The reason for this is because it will feature the first of three major conflicts that will take place throughout the first volume. Each of these conflicts will be more brutal than the last and will test the main characters’ limits as superheroes. This first conflict will feature a supervillain who is a “proper lunatic” and I will name him after the most prolific predator on the planet. The second conflict will feature a mercenary who lives for the kill. Finally, the third conflict will feature one of the supervillains who represent the seven deadly sins, but I won’t say which sin they will be up against. Each of these conflicts will take place in vital locations in the futuristic society and the way they will be executed will be similar to terrorist attacks. I look forward to how the story will unfold when the main characters come face to face with their own rogue gallery of supervillains.


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