I went to WonderCon 2016 today and it was an absolutely blissful experience. Not only did I acquire a number of prominent graphic novels, but I also met some of my author colleagues from last year as well as several significant individuals from both the superhero genre and comic book industry. The author colleagues I worked alongside with last year gave me advice on how to improve my future book signings and I was invited to become part of a writer’s group in Los Angeles. Among the significant individuals I met was Lou Ferrigno, who is best known as the Hulk! I got to shake Mr. Ferrigno’s hand and the entire experience brought out my inner fanboy and left me emotionally drained afterward. Also, I encountered Marc Silvestri, CEO of Top Cow Productions and creator of Witchblade! Mr. Silvestri and I had a conversation about the anime version of Witchblade and we reached a mutual understanding about the story. Overall, even though I was unable to have a book signing this year, going to WonderCon 2016 as an attendee was a wonderful experience and I hope to sign up for a booth next year.

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