Imagine a drug that could temporarily give you superhuman powers. It is frightening to think of the chaos that such a drug would create if it existed. The reason for this is because it would give its users a rush that would be greater than adrenaline, which would make it dangerously addictive. Also, there would be a psychological effect when the user wields superhuman power for brief periods because it would make them want more and more in a never-ending cycle. It could also give them a superiority complex towards those around them. Just thinking of the greed and destruction that would follow this drug’s creation is frightening to even consider.


  1. It sounds like what you are talking about would be similar to Hourman and possibly Dial H for Hero.

    If you think about it, this already exists. Meth heads have shirked off bullets and beatings, only to die from their wounds later. The psychological effect is already there with addictions (caffeine, cigarettes, sugar).

    Putting too much thought to this, you could almost say we are there.

  2. this made me think of gotham’s “viper” episode. probably along the lines of what would actually happen.
    “do not vex me, mortal.”

  3. Makes me think of this weeks episode of The Flash. Velocity 9 was like a drug for a character who became faster than The Flash. She wanted more and more until it made her so fast her lightning turned blue and caused her molecules to dissolve and kill her because she wasn’t designed like The Flash withstand the speed.

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