The writing process of my sequel series is really heating up! I have written over 20 pages since my last update and it has become intense process. To start, my main character is slowly beginning to overcome his psychological limitations and forms connections with the other characters. One of the characters will be his love interest. Unfortunately, the main character will have an encounter with individuals who covet his power, which will also give him a close encounter with some of the other characters who have taken an unexpected interest in him. Also, another of the main character’s limitations is revealed and this limitation is potentially lethal to him.

I am particularly interested in working on the main character of my sequel series for a number of reasons. To start, due to my autism I occasionally have difficulty forming emotional connections with others. Because of this, I decided to make emotional connections the source of the main character’s powers. Through this project, I hope to experiment with the main character’s psychology because I want to know if I truly understand what an emotional connection is. This makes my sequel series extra special to me apart from it being the next phase of my superhero universe. Because the main character will be one of the most powerful characters I ever created, I wanted to give him limitations that reflect my own. That immense power and potential that the main character wields represent the rewards that one could attain from overcoming their psychological limits.

I look forward to tinkering with this story and seeing how it will unfold. I will keep you updated on any further developments.

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