I had an interesting thought! What if at some point in the future the human race becomes infertile and unable to reproduce? If such an event happens, then humanity would become extinct within a generation unless something is done to solve the problem. How can such a scenario be solved? While contemplating this question, I had a brain wave!

While many people are against cloning, it could be a viable solution at first, but it has a problem of its own. With cloning, the children that are produced would lack genetic diversity because they are carbon copies of the original template. With this in mind, it would be logical to have a system to house the genetic material of enough donors. Then, to guarantee genetic diversity, the genetic material of the donors would be combined to create generation after generation of children who are each genetically unique. In order to provide enough genetic diversity, the system should contain the genetic material of at least ten thousand or more donors.

If cloning is used to ensure humanity’s survival, could it be used for other methods? With eugenics and genetic engineering, you could not only provide genetic diversity, but you could also improve the genetic potential of the children you produce. This could result in the creation of a form of humanity that is at peak human conditioning with ideal health. This could make humans immune to disease and increase their lifespan.

Hopefully, it will not come to this, but if the survival of the species is at stake, what price would you be willing to pay to save the human race?


    1. If the clones’ templates were infertile to begin with, then it would make sense that the clones would be infertile as well. They would have to donate their unique genetic material to be used for another generation.

  1. It’s a dangerous line of thought when you raise the prospect of ‘perfecting’ the human race. Designing gene-perfect individuals may not translate into a program of diversity. Someone somewhere will have an ‘ideal’ human construct and then there are the qualms about deciding which factors aren’t acceptable. (Also, there is the whole queasy association with Hitler’s concept of an Aryan nation. Ack.) There are just some concepts that I fear becoming reality if they are even hinted of in a madman’s imagination.

  2. But… If we have the capability to clone while generations by genetically mixing up existing material… Couldn’t we fix the genetic flaw/disturbance/error that made humanity infertile in the first place?

  3. its true that cloning would lead to formation of genetical identical copies resulting in similar DNA….which may reduce the chance of variability among human beings which is so essential for evolution….But I think the advantages of cloning far exceeds than its effect….cloning could be extended to the field of stem cell therapy…I mean telomerase activity…if by the process of cloning we could increase the length of telomerases in human beings then aging could be delayed….as we very well known the first cloned sheep dolly died because its telomerase was small….so I think its a look to a totally new world…..ur post is really awesome …it is really an interesting stuff

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