As opening day to Batman v Superman draws closer, I make predictions of what I might expect to see based on what I saw in the trailers. To begin with, I noticed several references to either The Death of Superman and The Dark Knight Returns. With The Dark Knight Returns references, I saw Batman wear the same mechanized suit he used to fight Superman in the graphic novel. With The Death of Superman references, I saw Doomsday appear in the trailers and he is famous for being the only individual who killed Superman without the use of Kryptonite.

While contemplating the outcome of Batman’s fight with Superman, I predict Batman might win because in The Dark Knight Returns, Batman was able to defeat Superman with a combination of a mechanized suit and synthetic Kryptonite. On the other hand, if Batman did not discover Kryptonite in the film’s universe then Superman might win. It could go either way depending on which way the filmmakers take it.

With Superman’s fight with Doomsday, I have multiple predictions. In The Death of Superman, Doomsday could hold his own against the Justice League and Superman literally with one arm tied behind his back. When Superman fought Doomsday alone, Superman was pushed to his limit and they killed each other in a draw. Since Superman will be fighting Doomsday alongside Wonder Woman and Batman, this could be a reference to Doomsday’s ability to fight multiple superheroes simultaneously. As for the outcome of this fight, because Doomsday is capable of killing Superman without Kryptonite I believe something bad will happen to Superman. Because there is a Justice League film planned, I seriously doubt Superman will die. Instead, I think Superman’s fight with Doomsday will result in him being near-death and have a lengthy recovery.

As for Kryptonite, even though there is no direct reference to remnants of Krypton landing on Earth, I think I know how Kryptonite will appear in Batman v Superman. In Man of Steel, General Zod and his followers attempted to terraform Earth into a New Krypton. Even though General Zod failed to completely terraform Earth into Krypton, the parts he did terraform are bound to have Kryptonite deposits in them. This would explain how Lex Luthor and possibly Batman got their hands on Kryptonite, which would put Superman in serious trouble.

A lot of people do not like the idea of Ben Affleck being Batman, but I have seen hints of his performance in the trailers and clips and I see some promise. I admit that when Affleck portrayed Daredevil, I was less than impressed, but he is a much more experienced and refined actor since then so it is too soon to judge him. From what I saw in the trailers and clips, it was as though they literally cast Bruce Wayne to play Batman. They even said that when Affleck has the suit on, his voice will be altered by a synthesizer like Green Arrow’s was in Arrow. This version of Batman is an experienced crime fighter with two decades of experience under his utility belt, which would make him darker, more jaded, and more brutal than the Batman we usually know and love. I look forward to how Ben Affleck portrays the Dark Knight.

Another actor some people have doubts about is Jesse Eisenberg, who will be playing Lex Luthor: “greatest criminal mind of our time!” Some people say his portrayal will be too cartoonish, but I believe there is method to Luthor’s madness for acting like that. A true sociopath would put on a facade that would fool even the most astute individuals like Batman. I think the cartoonish expressions Eisenberg’s Luthor did in the trailers were references to Gene Hackman’s Luthor. Also, I believe that at some point in the film, we will see the true megalomaniacal persona of Lex Luthor. Because the character is traditionally bald, I think Eisenberg’s Luthor will lose his hair at some point.

I look forward to the film and I plan to see it immediately after class on Friday. MAY JUSTICE PREVAIL!!!


  1. It was my husband who told me about this new movie where two ‘good’ superheroes do battle against each other. I could only drop my head a little with sadness. Although I’m sure of the vast gray area where most human beings dwell, for the child, the ‘good’ super hero can make the determining factor as to how that child will be as an adult. It’s sad to see one of those heroes being abolished all for the sake of the money that will be made from this movie.

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