I have been monitoring the Presidential Race of 2016 and I have a few predictions about Donald Trump. To begin with, I have noticed that his rallies are becoming increasingly violent. The reason for this is because Trump has instigated bigotry and lured the thugs out into the open, which started when he said he wanted to ban Muslims from entering the United States. Also, Trump has essentially turned the Republican Party against itself, which is evidenced by their determination to bring him down instead of promoting their own campaigns.

Trump himself seems more focused on insulting his rivals and saying whatever pops into his head instead of taking his campaign seriously. He is a businessman not a politician and it looks like thinks he can run this country like one of his corporations. One way or another, he will find out that running a country is a whole new can of worms compared to running a corporation.

Ultimately, I predict that Trump’s involvement in this campaign will have considerable consequences. For example, because so many Republicans are so against Trump winning the Republican nomination, if he wins the nomination he could splinter the Republican Party into different factions. Also, if Trump wins the nomination then Democratic Party is guaranteed to win the Presidency because he has inspired so much negativity both to the public and to political circles.

Worst case scenario, if Trump wins the Presidency then it will be eight years of darkness for America because I believe the violence and bigotry he has instigated could get worse. Plus, Trump’s manners are so bad that he could start World War III while negotiating with another country. Donald Trump is not the President America needs especially with the way the world is now. Just watching the political stage unfold on the news is making me nervous and fearful for this country’s future. God help us all if Trump wins the Presidency.


  1. I live here in Canada. Grady,Americans aren’t stupid. I have full faith that the majority of them will vote for the right reasons. Keep the faith. Your predictions are wise and very thoughtful but I still believe that the American voter will vote wisely and reverse a lot of your concerns.

  2. Knowing TV always exaggerates everything, I still can’t help seeing similarities between Trump and President Charles Logan in 24. Unfortunately all we can do here in the UK is sit and wait with baited breath!

  3. Although I live in Europe, I understand your concerns. Not only America’s but certainly also the world’s worst nightmare would be if Trump becomes the next American president. That’s something I hope will never happen.

  4. I generally try to aim for the lighter side in my comments, but honestly, the man scares me. Previously, I thought he was a self-aggrandizing buffoon, but mostly harmless. Giving him a political stage and the spotlight of the world, all I can hope is that somewhere, scientists are trying to create a magnifying glass large enough to reveal his flaws to even the dimmest minds, or failing that, fry him like a bug.

  5. Good points. He seems to simply make a lot of noise, freezing the other candidates into posturing rather than addressing real problems. Hopefully, voters will have enough sense to realize that Trump would be completely incapable of running an entire country.

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