I have decided to combine elements of other stories I considered writing into my superhero universe. This decision was reached after I considered making my literary universe bigger than ever. Since I already had the plot of these other stories planned, it will be relatively easy to integrate them into my sequel series. In some ways, I think my sequel series will be even more epic than my main series, which makes me even more eager to complete it. I have a lot of work to do, but on the upside writing is when I feel most alive and I do love my job as an author. I will keep you updated on any further developments and wish me luck!


  1. Hmm, sounds vaguely promising. Perhaps if you wrote a sentence or two about which characters you are hoping to expand upon, you will advance the interests of readers who are familiar? Of note: is a sequel series a set of books set in the same universe but based on entirely separate characters/circumstances/locale? Or, is it just a way of describing an on-going series?

    1. To answer your questions, this sequel series takes place in the same universe as The Young Guardians only it depicts the world that was created in the aftermath of the Young Guardians’ final battle with the supervillain Vogan. Unlike my main series, the sequel series will not revolve around my original characters from my main series. Instead, the sequel series will portray a new generation of heroes who take up the Young Guardians’ mantle. The sequel series will be uncharted territory for my readers because they have not seen any of what is coming in my series so far.

      1. Thank you for the reply. For a split-second there, I thought your supervillain’s name was ‘Vegan’. And I wondered, “What has he got against vegans?” So glad you decided to put down the evil Vogan instead.

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