As I brainstorm on what form the futuristic world of my sequel series will take, I realize that I have been thinking small. Why keep your literary universe contained on a single planet when there are an abundant supply of worlds to include? I am thinking of having my sequel series in a setting that includes an entire quadrant of our galaxy that is its own government and culture. Plus, it will give my superhero characters more worlds to save. I look forward to seeing how this idea will evolve. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “CONCEPT: A BIGGER WORLD”

  1. Best of luck: there is nothing I love more than world-building for a story. Quite jealous, as all of mine are set on contemporary Earth at the moment. The characters are interesting, but the world is a bit boring.

  2. Great Grady! I have been following your progress and I am get appalled to see how you keep encountering fresh ideas, concepts and theories to inculcate into your fiction! I wish you all luck!

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