My next interview as an autism ambassador is less than a week away! I can hardly wait and I look forward to what it will bring. I will keep you posted on any further developments. Wish me luck!



As I prepare for working with a comic book company, I look through the other works they have done over the years. This is a sample from Collapse, which was written by the person who introduced me to the company. If they can do this quality of work, then I look forward to working with them when the time comes. Wish me luck!



One of the most destructive forces known to man is radiation. Because of the havoc it can cause, I looked back on the various characters who possessed the ability to control radiation such as Captain Atom from DC Comics to Ted Sprague from Heroes. I am thinking of creating a series of characters who possess this ability and they will play a significant role throughout my sequel series. Just thinking of the destruction they will cause gives me chills!


I am working on the fourth chapter of my sequel series and I must say that it is an action-packed start. This will introduce the darkest of my new protagonists and the way he fights crime is completely brutal! It would be safe to say that he will be more of an anti-hero rather than a traditional superhero. His motivation for being a superhero will be revealed and the reason why has is the darkest of my protagonists. In addition to introducing one of the main characters, this chapter will provide the reader with a look at the economy of a futuristic world and how the upper class lives. I look forward to continue writing this chapter and I will keep you updated on any further developments.



I have just finished reading this graphic novel and I must say that it was an extreme storyline. Facing extinction and hunted by their enemies, the mutants are in for the fight of their lives when their messiah, Hope Summers, returns. This was a complex story that illustrated how far one would go for the greater good, which was demonstrated by how Cyclops managed the X-Men like an army. Also, this graphic novel allowed me to choose who is my favorite X-Man: Hope Summers herself. The reason for this is because she a young woman with a strong sense of empathy and her power makes her stand out from other mutants and makes her worthy of being their messiah. With this story out of the way, I am moving on to X-Men: Generation Hope.


I am having a very productive time with my writing. I am currently working on multiple projects while juggling with school and work. These writing projects consist of my fourth volume, my graphic novel adaptation, and the first volume of my sequel series. I have reached the end of the first act in my fourth volume, which will be where things get exciting. In my graphic novel adaptation, I have completed the groundwork for the first five issues, which would be enough for a graphic novel company to start with. Finally, I have reached the fourth chapter of my sequel series, which will introduce the darkest of my protagonists. I look forward to continue working on these projects and I will keep you updated.