Because I am such a devout Star Wars fan, I have analyzed everything that happened in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and made some predictions of what we might expect to see in Star Wars Episode VIII. To begin with, let us look at the current state of the galaxy in the aftermath of The Force Awakens. The Resistance may have destroyed Starkiller Base and a percentage of the First Order’s forces with it, but the First Order destroyed the capital and fleet of the Resistance’s main ally, the New Republic. With the New Republic’s government leaderless and its territory defenseless, the Resistance will have to try and assimilate whatever Republic assets remain before the First Order starts conquering Republic Space. In general, the war to come is going to be a power grab to see how much of the galaxy these two factions will acquire before resuming their struggle.

Another factor to consider is that even though the Resistance destroyed Starkiller Base, the First Order knows where the Resistance base is and will send a fleet instead if the Resistance does not evacuate. In the New Expanded Universe, Resistance’s predecessor, the Rebel Alliance did the same thing after they blew up the first Death Star in A New Hope. Therefore, the Resistance will need to find a new base to continue the fight against the First Order.

As for the Knights of Ren, we will probably see Supreme Leader Snoke in the flesh and hopefully get a taste of the dark side power he wields. Also, we will see how much more powerful Kylo Ren will become due to Snoke’s training and he might become even more worthy of his grandfather’s legacy. Also, we may get a closer look at the inner workings of the Knights of Ren such as their hierarchy, philosophy, and dark side powers. I have a feeling that Kylo Ren may have been a small sample of what the Knights of Ren are capable of.

As for the Jedi, we will see more of Luke Skywalker, the last of the Jedi. In the Original Expanded Universe, Luke Skywalker became a more powerful Jedi than Yoda ever was. If this version of Luke will be anything like his Original Expanded Universe version, then we will see the wrath of God personified as he unleashes the Force upon the First Order and Knights of Ren. Also, if Luke decides to train Rey, then we will witness her growth as a Force-user and we will have TWO Jedi fighting with the Resistance instead of just one.

These are my main predictions of Episode VIII and I cannot wait to find out if I am right. May the Force be with you . . . always.


  1. I like your predictions:) I would personally love to see lots of Luke in the next one but also hear more of what happened to Ben Solo that propelled him to the Dark Side especially since he keeps hearing the call to the light and is so desperate to squash it. Who is Rey? I feel that Kylo Ren might have an idea about that or suspicions. What’s your take on this? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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