I have always been intrigued by the idea of superhuman soldiers with abilities that are weaponized and specifically designed for war. In several cases, a small squad of super-soldiers can do what an entire battalion of normal soldiers cannot. I often wonder if an army of super-soldiers would be divided into various categorizations rather than focusing on one kind of warrior. Just as the United States military is made of different branches such as the Navy, Army, and Air Force, a super-soldier army would have multiple specialized units. A diverse army of superhuman soldiers would be a force to be reckoned with and I might toy with the idea in future works.

3 thoughts on “CONCEPT: SUPER-SOLDIER”

  1. Or you could have it that each nation spends it’s entire budget on one individual? Military conflicts are settled in televised gladiator combat, in special zones where trade and diplomatic issues are resolved.

  2. I included this concept in my latest essay which is a meta about FFVII and the Book of Revelation. If you’ve played FFVII at all then you know it uses that trope quite heavily. In the essay I remarked in how in nearly every situation (included the fore mentioned) something horrible happens, and I wondered if there were any cases where the creation of super soldiers went smoothly. Then I realized that the foundation of such was bad…super soldiers are created for war, which is a fundamentally problematic concept. If you’re spending resources to create super human beings to fight wars, there is a major issue with priorities…that being sad, I would not be surprised if it became a reality.

  3. The primary issue with creating supersoldiers is that they are humans. A tank is property. You make it, you buy it, you own it. But if you make a supersoldier… who owns that person? If they’re a volunteer, then at least they have a choice. But if they have to be started from an embryo? Do you even let them have a choice? And if you don’t, what does that make you?

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