As I mentioned in some of my earlier posts, my autism causes me to process my emotions in a different manner than an average person. For instance, sadness is an emotion that I very rarely feel to the point in which I don’t even cry at all. It takes very special circumstances for me to become sad. I wasn’t even able to cry at the end of Titanic. However, when it comes to animals, I do tend to cry when something bad happens to the animal in question. For example, when I saw the ending of Breakfast at Tiffany’s where they left the cat in the rain, I had an emotional breakdown that took an hour to recover from. Another example was when I saw the ending of A.I. Artificial Intelligence where the android boy had only one day to live with his human mother in an experiment and would never see her again afterwards. Overall, when it comes to sensitive emotions like sadness, I rarely experience them due to how my autism allows me to process my emotions.


2 thoughts on “MY THOUGHTS (PART 8)”

  1. Hi Grady. I like this post. I feel you and somehow relate to your emotions on certain things. In my case, I think I was on the verge of crying when I watched Titanic. But I cried the hardest over an episode of the Japanese anime, One Piece, when the pirate ship died and said goodbye to its pirate friends. The ship was eventually burnt as a symbol of its funeral. Another thing is that, I also cry over animals especially cats. Just sharing. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Its okay not to feel sad about everything and it doesn’t mean you are less sensitive or not empathetic. Another blogger who has Autism explained it that its harder to relate sometimes to an event in a movie unless something similar has happened. She wrote that death is something hasn’t touched anyone close to her so when a friend lost someone she had trouble processing. I think this is true for most people….its just that people learn the right thing to say etc. My son who has ASD lost his Grandpa who he was very close to at age 4 so sadness is something he feels too much and too intensely when he watches something that could put someone in mortal danger or he hears sad news. He explains because it reminds him of his own loss and he has to replay those feelings again…and again…and again. So this is how he explains how he processes his emotions. Just wanted to share:)

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