In any society, past, present, or future, there are always forms of crime. As I continue to work on my sequel series, I wonder what kind of crimes would exist in a futuristic society. If an apocalyptic event were to occur and civilization is rebuilt from the ashes, I am thinking that the traditional forms of crime whether if it is petty or organized would no longer exist. With this in mind, I contemplate on what new forms of crime would replace the old ones. I am thinking the types of crimes that would rise in a futuristic world would depend on a number of factors. For instance, what kind of valuables would be worth taking, how would law enforcement handle crime, and what kind of environment would criminals operate in? There are so many questions to consider and I look forward to tinkering with this idea further.

2 thoughts on “CONCEPT: FUTURE CRIME”

  1. There’s an old story I can’t recall the name off that mentions a world where inaction is seen as socially acceptable and so people had limbs removed as a sign of their love for the state. An organised criminal syndicate then sold artificial limbs for those people to use in secret.

    I always loved that idea.

  2. Well, that all depends on the level the civilization is rebuilt. History is a good reference for this sort of thing. If one were to examine a civilization just after the apocalyptic event in question, there would essentially be no laws to break. The first thing people do after a disaster of any kind is to self organize. Who has essential supplies or gear? Who knows how to patch up wounds or read a pill bottle and know what it all means? Criminals in this scene would be hard to distinguish from those just trying to get by. Any organized government, law enforcement/military remnant, or criminal syndicate left in the aftermath would be the biggest players but would also be virtually indistinguishable from each other as the new rules are made up on the fly from the half forgotten old ones.
    Every stage of rebuilding after that would get progressively more complicated law structures to contend with and an easier to distinguish criminal class. The first laws would naturally be the simplest and most concrete ones. Steal loaf of bread= one chopped off hand. Slap neighbor’s wife= loss of eye, etc. It’s only when one gets to the most abstract of law and penal codes (the philosophy of law if you will) that we get the sort of criminals we see today. The kind that know how to navigate the labyrinthine bureaucratic mess we call the legal system whether through loop holes, bribes, gray areas or what have you. Abstraction is a professional criminal’s friend. Sorry, kind of a long comment but hope this helps!

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