As I continue to contemplate what a futuristic society would include, I move my thoughts on an important aspect that every civilization must have: government. In the future, what kind of government would rule a futuristic society? In my opinion, if a future society is a dystopia, then it would have a fascist government while a utopia would have a democracy. Personally, I would prefer an open-minded government that is more concerned with the well-being of its citizens instead of the consolidation of its own power. If you cannot take good care of your citizens then you do not deserve to govern them.

In addition, would a future government consist of a president, chancellor, or prime minister or would it be ruled by a council or senate? Would the government in question pass laws that allow equality amongst the masses or would it pass laws that would establish a caste system? Would it help the poor, homeless, and unfortunate or would it abandon them to their fate?

In general, the details of a future government are numerous and come with countless questions. I will continue to contemplate these questions as I brainstorm what to include in my sequel series. Just thinking of every detail of a future society is quite exhilarating.



As I have mentioned in my posts in the past, I am fascinated by the idea of a futuristic civilization. In every civilization, there is always a form of agriculture that grows crops and feeds its citizens. Therefore, with technology that is many years more advanced than in the modern world, how would one be able to grow crops for a technologically advanced society? Would we have the same crops as we do today? Would the crops in question be genetically engineered to increase flavor, texture, and nutrition? Would we have livestock to provide meat or would we use a synthetic meat substitute? I will be pondering these questions as I develop my sequel series and I have many ideas of how to elaborate this concept.


Due to the way my autism allows me to process my emotions, I have an extremely limited understanding of what love is. I can understand familial love, but I often mix it with another random emotion instead of keeping it separate. Still, despite this, my understanding of familial love is enough for me to include my family in my series. In particular, I based the personality of my female lead after my late grandmother because I would like to marry a woman who is as gentle and compassionate as my grandmother.

As for romantic love, I am completely at a loss of what it entails. When I was young, I thought of what it would be like to be in love, but I had no idea what the nature of romantic love was. Because my autism prevented me from feeling romantic love, I lost interest in it over the years.

While the way I experience rage is straightforward, love is a lot more complicated. It is almost as though my mind is attempting to venture into uncharted territory without a compass. Some of my other emotions are simple and easy to explain, I often find myself struggling to differentiate my ability to feel love with my other emotions. In this sense, my autism has made it like putting random emotions into a blender when I try to understand love.


As I mentioned in some of my earlier posts, my autism makes me process my emotions differently than an average person. The particular emotion that will be covered in this post is how my autism allows me to process anger. Even though I am a very stoic individual and am able to conceal my true emotions with ease, my true emotions are pretty strong on the inside. For example, when I see the evil that ISIS creates on the news, I tend to have dark fantasies about punishing ISIS in the most unspeakable way I can imagine.

Another example of how I process rage involves my long list of traumatic experiences with bullies. Even though I was calm and stoic on the outside, my rage was on the verge of boiling over. In other words, whenever I witness evil on the news or experience it firsthand, my rage becomes difficult to contain even though I conceal it well.

With this in mind, my autism tends to make some of my emotions stronger than others. Fortunately, I do not allow this rage to control me at all and I never make angry outbursts. Instead of keeping my anger bottled up inside, I utilize it to create the supervillains of my series, which is a much more healthy way of managing it. Another way I use my anger in my writing is when I depict my characters experiencing it. This has turned out to be a rather therapeutic method of dealing with my emotions as well as my autism. So even though my rage is strong, it can be very useful when it comes to my writing.