The final deadly sin that will be addressed in this post is envy, which is an individual’s tendency to be jealous and covet everyone around them. In order to create a supervillain who best represents this sin, I need to understand the psychology of a covetous mind. Considering that the supervillain would covet everyone including their own comrades, their abilities would probably revolve around represent the people they are envious towards. This could involve imitating features of their target or psychologically torture by attacking their enemy’s loved ones. With that possibility, envy is a somewhat frightening sin to contemplate about.


The next deadly sin that will be addressed is pride, which is an individual’s tendency to become consumed with arrogance and hubris. Pride is another common sin that supervillains indulge in, but how would one be able to create a supervillain who possesses both the powers and personality that best represent this sin? In terms of personality, he would obviously be arrogant beyond measure and constantly underestimate his enemies to the point of having a superiority complex. As for powers, I was thinking of giving the character a set of abilities that are so powerful that he would be under the impression that no one can stand against him. I am planning on having the supervillain who represents pride to be the leader of the new supervillain team in my sequel series.


I have started the eleventh chapter of my fourth volume and the stakes have gotten higher in my story. The Young Guardians have gained the most unlikely ally imaginable and their new enemy is about to reveal themselves with a vengeance! In addition, the Young Guardians discover a terrifying new weapon that is a threat to neohumans as a species. The identity of their new enemy will be a considerable shock as well as an enemy the Young Guardians have battled in the past. I haven’t felt this much of a rush in my writing in a while! I can’t wait to reach the juicy parts! Wish me luck and I will keep you updated!


The next deadly sin that will be addressed is lust. Lust is probably one of the more complicated of the seven deadly sins. The reason for this is because most people believe it has to do with an individual’s tendency to indulge in sexual practices, but I believe it focuses more on a person’s ability to desire someone or something with obsessive tenacity. With this in mind, I believe a supervillain who represents lust would have the ability to manipulate those around them by exploiting their desires. Would they achieve this by controlling emotions, coercing them through temptation, or by some other means? It is a relatively complicated sin to contemplate as I create the character for my sequel series.


The next deadly sin that I will discuss in this post will be wrath, which is individual’s tendency to submit to anger, hate, and commit acts of unspeakable violence. While most supervillains are guilty of this sin in one form or another, how does one create a supervillain who embodies this deadly sin to its highest level? The personality of the character would be simple enough because it would be like a berserker who is consumed by mindless rage. As for powers, this individual would need to wield powers that are strong but unstable, just like their temper and mentality. Based on what I have planned for my sequel series, the character I am planning to create will wield rage that could potentially put the Hulk’s to shame, which gives me chills down my spine.


The next deadly sin that will be addressed in this post is sloth, which is an individual’s tendency to waste their own potential. To create a supervillain who represents this sin, one must consider the mindset that would come from this sin, which is absolute laziness. With this in mind, it would make sense for the supervillain to spend almost all of their time being lazy, but when they do decide to use their power they would be virtually unstoppable. This would signify the vast potential the supervillain would be wasting. I have a very scary idea of what a sloth-based supervillain would be capable of and it gives me goosebumps.