I watched the Pilot of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and it has exceeded my expectations so far. I must say that this is a very intriguing collection of superheroes and I am particularly eager to see more of the Atom and Firestorm. My only complaint is that Captain Cold and Heat Wave are on the team because they are notorious supervillains, but I think it will add more suspense to the story if there are a couple of characters who could potentially jeopardize the team’s mission. I look forward to see how these characters will cooperate as a single unit. Also, I am pleased that Vandal Savage is the main supervillain because he was an infamous and prominent supervillain in the comics and it will be interesting to see what his immortality and age-old resources have in store for the heroes.


Imagine being able to control light particles in your surrounding environment. With this power, you could utilize abilities such as lasers, illusions, invisibility, and blinding flashes among other things. In some works of fiction, some characters could mold light into shapes in a similar fashion to Green Lantern’s power ring. One of my characters, Cynthia Andrews, can use this power in addition to being able to control shadows. Also, in my sequel series, one of the main characters will possess this ability, but will wield it more prominently than Cynthia. I believe being able to control light would be symbolize a superhero’s allegiance to the side of good.


I have started the first volume of my sequel series and the words are flowing as I write. I am describing the landscape that was created by an apocalyptic battle and how such a landscape would affect a futuristic world. While depicting this landscape, I am drawing inspiration from the conditions of Chernobyl, which had a nuclear accident that was so devastating that the entire area would remain uninhabitable for 20,000 years. Also, I am about to introduce the supervillains who will represent the Seven Deadly Sins. What I have planned for their introduction chills my blood since they will be some of the most sinister supervillains I ever created. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


A common element to futuristic science fiction are android servants. Even in real-life, androids that are almost indistinguishable from human beings are being created in Japan. I wonder if this technology will evolve into something more than an experiment in the years ahead. In my opinion, if a futuristic society were to have android servants in every household, the android’s owners would have the option to customize the android’s appearance and personality. In addition, these androids would have all of the necessary programming the household in question would require from cleaning, cooking, or as a bodyguard. I look forward to tinkering with this idea further.



I went to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and I saw a vast collection of exotic vehicles. My personal favorite was The French Ambassador from 1953. I admired its elegant shape and lustrous color. I loved its style so much that I am thinking of drawing inspiration from it in order to create a form of transportation that would exist in the futuristic world of my sequel series. Just thinking about the capabilities of this technologically advanced vehicle gives me a boost of adrenaline. Since I create superhero stories, it would only be fitting to base the setting of the futuristic world after the era in which the superhero genre was in its prime.


In the near-future, I am planning to release a compendium that will serve as a collection of all four of my short stories! For this new project, I will be working with the same art team who did the concept art for my book signing at WonderCon 2015. By the time this project is complete, one lucky middle school student will have their art featured in the compendium. I will keep you updated on any further developments. Wish me luck!


A concept that I have used in my series multiple times is when a person suffers personal loss. This loss could take the form of the death of a loved one or the destruction of one’s home. My characters have suffered more than their fair share of personal loss from the brutal murder of their families at the hands of a supervillain to the destruction of Tinisha’s race at the hands of a god of darkness. Now that the stakes in the Young Guardians’ war against evil have become higher than ever, they will experience even more loss. Right now, as I write in the eleventh chapter of my fourth volume, I am brought to tears as the Young Guardians realize that some of them might not survive the coming battle.

Throughout my series, the Young Guardians were consumed by their victories that they overlooked their own mortality. Now, this brutal reminder that they are not invincible has struck them with the force of a freight train. One might say that the Young Guardians are a group of teenagers who experienced too much trauma too early. As the author of the series, I hate myself to make my characters suffer so much. I guess you could say that I am more soft-hearted than George R. R. Martin when it comes to my characters’ fates.

Still, even though forcing my characters to undergo so much tragedy is heart-breaking, I believe that going through this hardship will prove to be a good way for my characters to evolve. The question is what kind of characters are the Young Guardians evolving into as a result of all they suffered?