I have completed the first chapter of my sequel series’ first volume. The super villain’s introduction was dark, brutal, and has a hint of humor. Now, I am beginning the second chapter, which will introduce the main character of the series. I am particularly eager to write about this character because he is not only potentially one of the most powerful characters I ever created, but he is also one of the most psychologically vulnerable. I am thinking of giving him a personality that is similar to my younger self when I had less control over my autism, which reflect in his lack of control over his immense power. This chapter will depict his origin story and the aftermath of the traumatic event that will push him down the path of the superhero. The sequel series is so interesting to write that I can’t stop writing! Since New Years Day was not too long ago, I think one of my New Years Resolutions will be to finish the first volume by the end of the year. Wish me luck and I will keep you updated.


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