All my life I have indulged in several superhero universes, primarily the universes created by Marvel and DC Comics. Upon seeing in many comics and graphic novels how heroes and villains interacted with one another. This created worlds in which heroes and villains rise and fall while portraying a constantly unfolding history. Upon understanding the inner workings of a superhero universe, I decided to create my own superhero universe. As I continued to create my superhero universe, I made sure that the characters evolved while developing a series of events that shaped the infrastructure of the setting. In keeping with the tradition of a superhero universe, I am using my sequel series as an opportunity for a new generation of superheroes to rise. Thanks to my autism, I cannot forget ALL of the information of my superhero universe that has yet to be written in my books. I cannot wait to see how much my ongoing superhero universe will evolve in the years to come.


      1. So will we see some posts on it? Do you think creating some sketches would be useful, previous superhero stories have been as much about the striking looks as the story.

  1. You know I loved those superhero comics when I was a girl… There was an interesting TV series about the development of the superheroes. Glad to hear you are creating new superheroes 🙂

  2. It’s encouraging to see how outlets like Netflix are producing new superhero series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. CBS, the most conservative and traditional network, seems to have a hit with Supergirl. I think superhero popularity will continue to grow. That’s a good thing.

  3. There are plenty of super heroes out there. Watching them interact with other supers and non-supers is always fascinating. How they deal with stuff like a job, groceries, what to cook for the kids, or angsty teens is interesting as well. Imagine if Clark Kent were to live on an actual reporter’s salary. It would be a struggle for the first several years, until his career took off.

    I like seeing these things as well as how they find the villain and how they destroy the large robot destroying downtown.

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