I watched the Pilot of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and it has exceeded my expectations so far. I must say that this is a very intriguing collection of superheroes and I am particularly eager to see more of the Atom and Firestorm. My only complaint is that Captain Cold and Heat Wave are on the team because they are notorious supervillains, but I think it will add more suspense to the story if there are a couple of characters who could potentially jeopardize the team’s mission. I look forward to see how these characters will cooperate as a single unit. Also, I am pleased that Vandal Savage is the main supervillain because he was an infamous and prominent supervillain in the comics and it will be interesting to see what his immortality and age-old resources have in store for the heroes.


  1. I liked the pilot too, I feel like white canary, captain cold and heat wave will bring a bit more action to the team and I’m excited to see if they end up fitting in.

  2. I am officially cheering for Wentworth Miller and his pal Dom Purcell from Prison Break. I am on Wentworth’s team, and I want to him to go all the way. Dom has already been stealing the scene. Captain Cold will walk out with the entire scene in his left pocket, “somebody call 911.” He is just getting warmed, er, chilled up to chew the scenery. Any big team needs a couple of rogues to supply the alternative view when planning a caper, er, mission. i think Snart has good planning skills, even better than the idea men – Ray Palmer and Grandpa Firestorm. and check all the flash episodes – he never said he was anything but a criminal. If you thought otherwise, that is not on him. Wentworth Miller is the bomb!!!!!

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