A common element to futuristic science fiction are android servants. Even in real-life, androids that are almost indistinguishable from human beings are being created in Japan. I wonder if this technology will evolve into something more than an experiment in the years ahead. In my opinion, if a futuristic society were to have android servants in every household, the android’s owners would have the option to customize the android’s appearance and personality. In addition, these androids would have all of the necessary programming the household in question would require from cleaning, cooking, or as a bodyguard. I look forward to tinkering with this idea further.


  1. I’ve heard that there is some considerable logic that went into Star Wars’ choice to go with very obviously robotic droids as opposed to androids. The “uncanny valley”. Humans instinctively react very poorly to things that look like humans, but aren’t.

  2. All I can picture is the movie, Sleeper, by Woody Allen. Do you think that androids will make humans lazier than they are already, or will it free them up to do more meaningful things? Nice post.

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