A concept that I have used in my series multiple times is when a person suffers personal loss. This loss could take the form of the death of a loved one or the destruction of one’s home. My characters have suffered more than their fair share of personal loss from the brutal murder of their families at the hands of a supervillain to the destruction of Tinisha’s race at the hands of a god of darkness. Now that the stakes in the Young Guardians’ war against evil have become higher than ever, they will experience even more loss. Right now, as I write in the eleventh chapter of my fourth volume, I am brought to tears as the Young Guardians realize that some of them might not survive the coming battle.

Throughout my series, the Young Guardians were consumed by their victories that they overlooked their own mortality. Now, this brutal reminder that they are not invincible has struck them with the force of a freight train. One might say that the Young Guardians are a group of teenagers who experienced too much trauma too early. As the author of the series, I hate myself to make my characters suffer so much. I guess you could say that I am more soft-hearted than George R. R. Martin when it comes to my characters’ fates.

Still, even though forcing my characters to undergo so much tragedy is heart-breaking, I believe that going through this hardship will prove to be a good way for my characters to evolve. The question is what kind of characters are the Young Guardians evolving into as a result of all they suffered?

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