The next deadly sin that will be addressed is lust. Lust is probably one of the more complicated of the seven deadly sins. The reason for this is because most people believe it has to do with an individual’s tendency to indulge in sexual practices, but I believe it focuses more on a person’s ability to desire someone or something with obsessive tenacity. With this in mind, I believe a supervillain who represents lust would have the ability to manipulate those around them by exploiting their desires. Would they achieve this by controlling emotions, coercing them through temptation, or by some other means? It is a relatively complicated sin to contemplate as I create the character for my sequel series.


2 thoughts on “CONCEPT: LUST”

  1. Careful in your interpretation. The way you are describing lust right now could just as easily describe greed, gluttony or wrath (obsessive desire for money, food, or vengeance). Sin can generally be identified by what the idol or false god is that drives it. With greed, the idol is money. With gluttony, the idol is food. With lust, the idol is sexuality, if you are referring to the sin of lust specifically. However, it IS possible to “lust” after anything, but as I said, at that point you have crossed over into territory where lust, greed, gluttony and other sins are indistinguishable. I don’t think that would serve your concept of seven distinct sins.

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