In order for a civilization to survive, it needs to develop a system in which their citizens are fed. With that in mind, what kind of cuisine would exist in a futuristic world? Would they have the same food as we do in the modern world or would they have something new? Would some of the food be made from genuine ingredients or would they be entirely synthetic? Would they grow their own food or mass produce it through the use of artificial genetic engineering? Also, I like the idea where there is no famine and every citizen has a chance to have a decent meal. I have experience when it comes to cooking and I can think of ways futuristic cuisine might look in my sequel series. Just thinking of it is making my mouth water.



  1. Printed Food is already being developed. We could see a mix of the replicators from Star Trek with printer technology where proteins and carbohydrates are manipulated to form individual items that bear a similarity to real food.

    Like vegetarian substitutes only not crap and comprised of a commonly sourced from of simple protein and carbs (Mushroom, moss and plant material?).

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