My thoughts about a futuristic society now drift towards what kind of economy this civilization would possess. Would the gap between the rich and poor increase or decrease in the future? Would regulations be more strict towards its citizens or more liberal? What kind of currency would this futuristic society use? Personally, I like the idea of an economy in which there is no poverty and every citizen would have equal access to a successful and comfortable lifestyle.



  1. I suppose it’s up to us what the future economy will become. I think that internet opens a lot of doors we’ve never had before. I do know one thing — it’s up to us 🙂

  2. I’m quite sure this comment will show the big cavity of the generation gap between you and me, but I want to express my thoughts to you, Grady. If you look at history, you’re liable to find that life today is more restricted, not only by the governments, but by the common man, himself through the decisions made that make him one of the multitude of sheep. Poverty today is nothing compared to what it use to be. And, yes, it’s because of the involvement of the governments that have abated the issue. If you haven’t read ‘Animal Farm’, I suggest you do.

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