As I continue to contemplate what a futuristic society would include, I move my thoughts on an important aspect that every civilization must have: government. In the future, what kind of government would rule a futuristic society? In my opinion, if a future society is a dystopia, then it would have a fascist government while a utopia would have a democracy. Personally, I would prefer an open-minded government that is more concerned with the well-being of its citizens instead of the consolidation of its own power. If you cannot take good care of your citizens then you do not deserve to govern them.

In addition, would a future government consist of a president, chancellor, or prime minister or would it be ruled by a council or senate? Would the government in question pass laws that allow equality amongst the masses or would it pass laws that would establish a caste system? Would it help the poor, homeless, and unfortunate or would it abandon them to their fate?

In general, the details of a future government are numerous and come with countless questions. I will continue to contemplate these questions as I brainstorm what to include in my sequel series. Just thinking of every detail of a future society is quite exhilarating.



  1. I believe the type of government there will be will still depend on the altruism and philanthropy, the selflessness ( or their opposites) of the members of that society of that time so it can go either way.

  2. Any futuristic government will not exist in a vacuum. Most often, we get a product that is a combination of effects, ranging from social mores to the complexity of the legal system, as well as reflective of external pressures such as war, trade, and diplomacy. The human condition is such that most governments trend towards dictatorship over time, the consolidation of power you mentioned. Sometimes this is a necessity, other times it happens due to ambition/corruption. Thus, there are many science fiction novels that explore dystopian worlds with authoritarian regimes, everything from 1984 to Hunger Games.

  3. Government by its very nature is always in catch-up mode, reacting to what already is … which now that I’ve read the comment, ties in with what ka1spriggs said. 😀

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