In my short story, The Young Guardians Chronicles: The Thunder Prodigy, I wanted to create a protagonist who has many talents. Before he got his powers from the aftermath of The Young Guardians and the Revelation Orb, Chris Braun was already physically and mentally talented. Once he gained his powers, Chris became one of my favorite new characters because I liked his power set and he is a comic book fan who spends his free time reading comics. Chris is smart, educated, and charismatic, capable of leading groups in battle. During a fight, Chris views it as a chess game with each opponent a certain piece on the board. In terms of powers, it would safe to say that Chris possesses the intellect of Adrian Veidt from Watchmen, Magneto’s metal manipulating abilities, and Electro’s electricity powers.


I have completed something that has always been on my bucket list, going to a midnight premiere of a Star Wars film! Even better, my family and I stood at the very front of the line, which made the experience complete! As for the film itself, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was anything and everything I had hoped for and more! Because I am a devout fanboy, I noticed a number of references to the original Expanded Universe that Disney scrapped. The film was pure nostalgia, reminding me of the original trilogy in countless ways. I look forward to Episode VIII, which is one and a half years away, which will be an eternity for me because I am starving for more Star Wars. When I saw the original cast appear, I cheered maniacally with the rest of the audience. Also, there will be plot twists that you will never see coming and the villain Kylo Ren is probably the most conflicted Star Wars villain since Darth Vader himself. I recommend this film to anyone even if you are not a Star Wars fan. It will blow you away! May the Force be with you, always.