As part of my family’s week-long Christmas celebration, we went to The Queen Mary to have a festive dinner and I had a sensation I will never forget. I heard the stories that this historic ship was haunted and once I entered the center of the ship I noticed the atmosphere completely changed. Throughout my visit, I could feel the back of my neck, shoulders, and upper arms tingle as though someone was touching me even though no one was. It was then I realized my family and I were not alone because there was definitely a presence on board. I am thinking of using this experience in future works.


  1. I was aboard in 1987 & 1989. This was when the ship was docked in Long Beach, CA, housed near the Srpuce Goose. Travel was an anxious business for an undiagnosed autistic girl of 7 1/2 and 9 1/2. When the horn blew, I had a wild meltdown and had to be calmed down by both of my parents. Long-distance travel became impossible as my auditory hyperacusis intensified in adolescence. I wish there was information about autistic symptoms worsening in adolescence.

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