As an autism ambassador, I have just donated $300.00 to The Autism Society of America! Some of the money came from proceeds from my book royalties. I realized that there were some individuals who are not as lucky with their autism as I am so in order to give them a chance for a great holiday season I gave them this donation. In addition to the money, I am also sending a wish for every penny, hoping they will receive good fortune and grace in this wonderful time of the year. To my autistic brothers and sisters, I say the following, “Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!”


  1. I give to the UK National Autistic Society every month. I can only afford a very small amount but I still do it. I have admiration for anyone who donates to help people with autism. Thank you.

  2. Have you read the curious incident of the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon? It’s about an autistic lad who takes everything literally and his adventures. But that’s off topic, good job man, you did good, hope you have a good christmas holiday 🙂

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