While I love the idea of a utopia, I am also troubled about a certain aspect of the concept. While a utopia would not have the same flaws as the real world such as war, famine, poverty, and so on, it would probably have whole new flaws. It is a complex idea to consider because since a utopia wouldn’t have the same problems as today’s world it would have flaws that we do not yet understand. For instance, what kind of government would it have? How would the environment be managed? What would take the place of war, poverty, and famine? The list of issues goes on and on and it is something I am trying to analyze in preparation for my sequel series.


5 thoughts on “CONCEPT: UTOPIAN FLAWS”

  1. The question of whether or not there can be a true utopia is definitely an intriguing thing to think on. It’s one reason I’m personally drawn to dystopian stories.

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