Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could see the future? Since no one lives forever, I imagine seeing the distant future before I die. However, since you are seeing the future, you are altering time by creating an infinite number of alternate timelines. Due to this, if you can see the future, you should also be able to see every conceivable future as well. With this in mind, you would be able to control the future as you see fit. That would be a power worth having!


  1. Two kinds of precognition: That which sees the possible, and that which sees the certain.

    Imagine if you only saw the certain, and couldn’t change what you saw? Perhaps you could maneuver to take advantage of what you saw, like buying stock ahead of time, or getting people you hadn’t seen in a vision away from the area of a disaster that they would have probably been present for otherwise, but anything you actually saw could not be changed.

    Now imagine you saw your own death.

    That’s some fuel for deeply philosophical character development, there.

    1. I think they took the “certain” route in Krull actually. If I remember correctly, the cyclops race had traded an eye for precognition, but all they could see was their own death and they had no power to change it.

      1. That, however, was a character point for him. He knew the time, but not the how. So he knew, when he chose to go with them, that choosing to go would lead to a more painful death than staying home. But he chose to go anyway, and even though he died, his death allowed the other heroes to get inside the castle and save… many.

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