Another symptom that comes with my autism is my laser-focused interests. Whenever I find something that I am seriously interested in, I become nearly obsessed with it! When I was a child, I had a very acute interest in dinosaurs and prehistory, which turned me into a prehistory encyclopedia. Ask me anything about dinosaurs and I would give you the answer (of course the information I memorized is probably dated by now). Another example of my intense interests is the fact that I am a completely devout Star Wars fanatic! Just like with my dinosaur phase, I memorized immense amounts of information about the Star Wars Universe, but I mostly scrapped my knowledge of the Legends Universe since Disney rebooted it. Even my writing itself is a huge interest that I am focused on and when I start writing a story, it becomes hard to stop writing because of my laser-focus!

2 thoughts on “MY THOUGHTS (PART 5)”

  1. I think it’s a real positive to have this kind of focus as a writer. I know what you mean about how it becomes hard to stop writing, or for me, painting, too. It’s a great place to be, inside your own head, when this kind of work is going on, I think!

  2. I am not far from you. When I start on a project of any kind, eating, sleeping, anything I usually do falls to the side. My focus I blame on early piano performance training: “when you play, a crocodile should be able to come in tap dancing and you will not even pause or notice.” That teacher tested to enforce it, too! It has resulted in an ability to maintain self-imposed blinders at need.

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