13 thoughts on “NEW PIT BULL: WALLY”

  1. they look beautiful 🙂 Great coincidence, this weekend I just adopted my 4th geyhound after number 3, Charlie, passed away. I don’t know about you but being without a dog is a serious chore! Anyway, hope they get on well!

  2. So adorable and they look like they enjoy that bed (while my cat and dog both utterly ignore the pet bed we got, preferring the old bath mat I left out to throw away. Go figure.)

  3. If I brought another dog into the house, we’d all go nuts. So I settle for admiring other people’s pets from afar. (We have a German Shepherd, 3 Cats, and a 6 year old in a 2 bedroom house. The only animals we planned on were the dog and 1 cat. We’re softies -.-)

  4. Awww . . . Wally & Fitch! Nothings brightens your day like a dog. Little Wally’s already bigger than my Mattie (a mini Dachshund) 🙂

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