Some of the common symptoms of autism are repetitive behavior and impaired social interaction. While my autism gives me an above average intellect and strong memory, I am still susceptible to these symptoms and have been since childhood. Interestingly, my repetitive behavior consists of touching the same objects twice and repeating my characters’ dialogue several times until I find a version I like while I am writing. The dialogue is easy to understand, but the touching is a bit more complicated. When I was three my uncontrollable imagination made me think my skin consisted of hooks that would get caught on whatever I touched and the only way I could get uncaught was to touch the same object again. Now that I am a young adult, I am largely over this symptom.

As for my impaired social interaction, making acquaintances was very easy, but making lasting friendships was difficult. In the end, I made four friendships that have lasted more than fifteen years. Those individuals have been my best friends ever since and I based the characters on them. It has been more than a decade since I have made another friend. Fortunately, when I started at Concordia University this semester, I am currently making the first friendships I have made in years. These new friendships are among my peers in my Philosophy and Theology classes and we have been to school events such as the Fall Festival and will attend a Thanksgiving event next week.

Overall, even though I am still susceptible to the common symptoms of autism, I am able overcome these limitations given enough time. In addition, I will continue to master and refine my condition as the years go by.


8 thoughts on “MY THOUGHTS (PART 2)”

  1. I go through the same struggle. It is hard, and the disability is certainly a hinderance in many social areas you need skills with in order to make it in entertainment. But you can make it. Just keep going. Because in the end, what is the point of stopping?

  2. Finding it so very interesting. While working in the library (retired now) I had a person with autism doing a few days a week working with us, he was a genius, fantastic with figures, and a fantastic memory. My own memories of him are treasured once. I read your writing with great interest. Thank you.

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