During Halloween, I made an interesting discovery about my heritage. I am of Irish and Scottish descent while my name Grady originates from the Gaelic word “Gradaigh”, which means “noble”. After doing some research, I realized that my ancestors created a festival called Samhain thousands of years ago, which combined with All Soul’s Day to become Halloween. They wore masks and invented the forerunners of Trick-Or-Treating and the Jack O-Lantern, which was with a turnip instead of a pumpkin. The fact that my ancestors partially invented Halloween might explain why it is inherently my favorite holiday. It’s in my blood!

When I write my books, I often draw inspiration from people I know such as friends and family. Even though my ancestors have been dead for centuries, they are still my family. With this in mind, I might draw inspiration from my ancestors’ Samhain festival in the fantasy world I will create in one of my spin-off stories. I think this will be a good way for me to further connect with my roots.


3 thoughts on “CONCEPT: SAMHAIN”

  1. Hi Grady, first, thank you for the like and the follow. Just to say that I agree with Syllana up to a point…but, Samhain is a portal date, when, yes, the veil between worlds is thin – and for some, absent. It can be dark, it depends upon the participants and the intent of the rituals performed. Also, Samhain, like the other sabbats, and many other ceremonies, is aligned to ‘the stars’, and their movements. In Samhain’s case it is when the sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio – usually around 7th November.
    The dark is the place of all genesis, which is why the Celts and others saw it as the New Year. Likewise, days ran from dusk to dusk and so the evening of Samhain (and the others) was when ceremonies and celebrations began.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog. Cheers.

  2. That’s super neato to find out the origin of your ancestors next to which to also find out they had such a celebration! X)

    Must have been a pretty exciting discovery for you especially since Halloween just passed the other day 😀

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