One of the most prominent questions of science fiction is what kind of world would exist in the aftermath of an alien invasion. How would society rebuild itself? What kind of world would rise from the ashes of the old one? If the invaders won, how would they reshape our planet to their liking? If the natives won, how would they be able to survive on a ravaged planet? I will be addressing these questions in my upcoming fourth and fifth volumes. Let’s just say that the Young Guardians will have their hands full both during the invasion and after it.



  1. Loved the questions your post poses. I have written a novel about life after an alien invasion, so your thoughts intrigue me. I like to think they are so far more advanced than us, they will enlighten us with their ideals of community and cooperation. After watching dozens of episodes of Ancient Aliens i believe if they do exist, they are waiting for the day humans become more tolerant. In the meantime, it is more fun writing about evil aliens who want to conquer Earth. Great post.

  2. I also became obsessed with a similar premise when I was younger! I wrote a book called “A New Kingdom” and published it on Amazon. It’s a fascinating thought; one that consumed me.

    There are too many stories that end once the aliens invade. We need to more fiction about what happens to us after!

  3. There’s always this fun in science fiction of stories about overthrowing the order of things. What gets into its place, though, rarely gets addressed. It seems like a big gap in the literature.

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