In one of my previous posts, I talked about a character named Tara who becomes one of the Young Guardians’ new allies. Kensei was with Tara during her time in captivity, resulting in his conversion into an android. While Tara’s android body gave her superhuman speed, Kensei’s android body gives him a superhuman intellect and mental processing. Being highly educated, Kensei is confidant in his talents both as a strategist, making him the de facto leader of his trio before joining the Young Guardians. Kensei views battles, as a chess game, calculating his enemies’ actions in order to disable them in the most efficient way possible. His mental processing allows Kensei to mimic every fighting style he sees as well as memorize limitless amounts of data with perfect recall. Because of his enhanced mentality, Kensei is a valuable asset to the Young Guardians’ cause.


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