Among the old foes the Young Guardians battled in my third volume were the Wrist Brothers, Billy Bladewrists and Willy Chainwrists. These two were a notorious serial killer duo whose preferred method of killing their victims was severing their wrists and allowing them to bleed to death, which was how they got their name.

However, when the Young Guardians encountered them, the brothers were maimed and presumed dead. Then Vogan’s Black Pantheon salvaged them, augmented them with cybernetics, and recruited them to serve as weapons against the Young Guardians. Among the cybernetics were two pairs of robotic hands, one pair had swords for hands (Bladewrists) and one pair had crushing metal hands attached to the wrists with chains (Chainwrists).

I came up with the idea for these brothers when I saw a film called The Master of Disguise, which I saw when I was a child. When I watched the film and saw the main character fight, I fantasized on the thought of what it would have been like if he fought with his hands attached to his wrists with chains like nunchuks. From that fantasy, I came up with the name Billy Chainwrists and from there, I came up with the names of the brothers and incorporated them into my series.

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