Revelation Orb

The Revelation Orb is a mysterious object of unknown origin and is the focus of the third volume of my series. Its immense energy can be utilized as an energy source that is many times more powerful than nuclear energy or it could be weaponized to dwarf the world’s combined supply of nuclear warheads. Its most phenomenal application is that it can produce an identical energy signature to the Genesis Spell, which grants superhuman powers to ordinary teenage mortals. Under normal circumstances, the Genesis Spell’s magic can only be used once in a spell-caster’s entire lifetime and on a limited number of people. However, because the Revelation Orb’s power is so vast, it can utilize the Genesis Spell on a much larger scale and as many times as possible. It becomes the ultimate game-changer in the third volume of my series and paves the way for the final conflict between the Young Guardians and Vogan.



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