I watched the trailer for the sequel to the Man of Steel film and I must say that I am completely excited for it to be released. I enjoyed the epic vibe I got just from watching the trailer as well as examining the overall atmosphere. In addition, I am glad that they will be including references from many Batman and Superman comics. For example, I enjoyed the references from The Dark Knight Returns in which Batman battles Superman with a powered exoskeleton as well as a glimpse of Batman in the same pose he was in on The Dark Knight Returns cover. Also, I noticed a grim hint from Batman: A Death in the Family in which Robin’s suit is on display with a message from the Joker, which could indicate that the Robin who used the suit was the second Robin, Jason Todd AKA Red Hood. I know many people are not pleased with Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor, but I believe it is too soon to judge him. Jesse Eisenberg already had practice being an arrogant, genius, billionaire in The Social Network so I think he’s more than prepared to tackle the role of Lex Luthor. In addition, I know some people do not like the idea of Ben Affleck being Batman and I did not like his performance as Daredevil, but he is a much more experienced actor now and I am confident he will get it right. Overall, I look forward to see what this film has to offer.


I must say that I am pleased with how the new Ant-Man film turned out. In particular, I am glad it stayed faithful with the comics with Hank Pym being the first Ant-Man and Scott Lang being the second Ant-Man. Even before I saw the film, I often wondered what it would be like to be the size of an ant while maintaining the physical strength of a normal-sized human. I also enjoyed how the supervillain is a polar opposite of the superhero since they have the same powers, but have different mindsets. The film also possessed clever humor and masterfully portrayed the archetype of the unlikely hero. I would recommend this film to anyone who is seeking a film that illustrates how far someone would go to seek redemption.


One of the most terrifying and iconic supervillains is Batman’s nemesis: the Joker. In many ways, I find the Joker to be a model supervillain because not only is he a complete and utter psychopath, but he is cunning, unpredictable, and craves chaos for the sake of chaos. My favorite incarnation of the Joker is Heath Ledger’s version from The Dark Knight because he was anarchic and frighteningly convincing. Jared Leto’s version of the Joker in the Suicide Squad film looks promising, but Leto has some serious shoes to fill after Ledger’s performance. One thing I find interesting about the Joker is that even though he has caused Batman pain from time to time such as when he murdered the second Robin, Jason Todd, the Joker cannot imagine a world without Batman. With that in mind, it would be fair to say that the Joker finds his battles with Batman to be a never-ending game that he enjoys.


I have started the fourth volume of my series and I am already into the first two chapters. Even though it is just the beginning of the story, the plot is intense. In the first chapter, the Young Guardians receive a warning that will foreshadow the coming of a powerful new enemy. In the second chapter, the plots of the main series and three of the short stories start to converge. The second is particularly important because it signifies something that has never happened in my writing before since it will connect the dots between the main series and the short story sub-series and the new characters will be fully assimilated into the Young Guardians universe. I look forward to how the story will develop as the writing process progresses.


I am already in the planning stage for the fourth volume of my main series, I have decided to introduce a weakness that the Young Guardians, and neohumans in general, all share. Now every neohuman has their own unique weakness based on what powers or physical conditioning they possess, but in volume four, there will be a weakness that they would all be vulnerable to as a species. This way, the Young Guardians and their allies would be able to face a enemy that could potentially kill them, which will increase suspense and tension. With this in mind, the possibility exists that one or more of the main characters could die in volume four, which would provide a much darker and emotional ending. Just thinking about this weakness gives me the chills because what I have in mind is both repulsive and unexpected.