The Black Pantheon is the name of Vogan’s supervillain syndicate. It got its name because a pantheon is a group of gods and deities, which is a clear hint of Vogan’s god complex. They are essentially a cult consisting of both human and neohuman followers who worship Vogan and his ideals. Their existence is as old as human civilization itself and they have resources and connections ranging from corporations to politicians. In the first volume, they are the shadowy organization that abducts the Young Guardians and eventually become their primary enemy. They have remained in the shadows for millennia, building their strength and infrastructure until the time is right to initiate Vogan’s age-old master plan. All members regard Vogan with both adoration for his charisma and fear of disappointing him. In the fifth volume, all of the Black Pantheon’s members and resources will be brought to bear as they engage the Young Guardians in one final battle.


  1. I like the name Black Pantheon and the tie-in to ancient gods. Gives it a nice feeling of darkness, and secrets. Sort of an Illuminati-ish feel. Nice touch. 🙂

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