One of the greatest questions I have often asked myself while writing my series is how the world would react if super humans existed in the world today. Would the presence of super humans cause normal humans to react with fear, hatred, or hope? Due to human nature, it is a very complex concept to consider. When the Young Guardians first started their superhero careers, they were regarded with hope and intrigue because they were the first known super humans to exist and became something of a fad. However, in the aftermaths of volumes two and three, the superhuman population explosively increases and the world’s view on super humans changes drastically. If there was an increase in the superhuman population, how would society change? What laws or regulations would be in place for super humans? Would super humans and normal humans be able to coexist peaceful or destroy one another and the world along with them? The answers to these questions will be revealed in my fourth and fifth volumes as well as three of my upcoming short stories.

6 thoughts on “CONCEPT: A CHANGED WORLD”

  1. Kenneth Hite’s meditations on this subject are great. If you’ve never checked them out you can find them in the Wild Talents RPG Second Edition book. I’ve found his insights invaluable while crafting my own superhero universe.

  2. I think we’d like to think we’d be excited, but when they didn’t solve all our personal ‘problems’ the energy would shift to not-so-nice. Envy would be an issue too. As individuals we’re capable of great things, but as a species, I dunno.

    1. It really depends on whether you go with the Great Men or Great Momentum version of history. The Great Man theory supposes that history moves and is affected disproportionately by great leaders and thinkers. Einstein, Lincoln, Napoleon, Hitler, Gandhi to name a few. Without them we are stuck on a wildly different historical track. The Great Momentum theory states that things happen regardless of who’s involved. Social change occurs in great waves that few can manipulate. Great leaders and thinkers merely encapsulate the zeitgeist of the age. In the Hitler example, if it wasn’t him, if Adolf had died in the trenches of WWI, Germany still would have gotten a passionate, rabble rouser because whether Hitler lived or died the Weimar Republic was still a mess of a government on the brink of collapse. The truth is probably somewhere in between as usual.

  3. I think there would be a certain amount of fear because humans tend to react defensively when they don’t understand something. However, I do have these questions anytime I watch a show or movie with superheroes.

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