Every superhero has their own suit with a distinctive style. In addition, when the situation requires, a superhero has a unique method for changing into their suits. Superman wears his suit under his civilian clothes while the Flash keeps his suit inside a ring. The Young Guardians have their own signature way to change into their uniforms whenever duty calls. Unlike most superhero suits, which are made of either cloth or kevlar, the Young Guardians’ suits are made of a very malleable nano-fiber technology that can be contained inside of their belts. The nano-fibers are very durable, able to protect the Young Guardians from knives and gunfire, and flexible enough to adjust to the shape of the wearer. By pressing the belt buckle, the nano-fibers burst out of the belts and envelope their bodies up to their necks. With this method, the Young Guardians would be able to enter battle at a moment’s notice, which would save them a lot of trouble finding a place to change.


  1. Good post on the superhero suit. And it’s interesting how the changing process and the suits themselves have evolved over the years. Now it seems with some of the recent Superman incarnations, his suit has become sort of a body armor. I sort of miss his old super-speed changing days, though.

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