Another iconic superhuman power is invulnerability, which is the ability to withstand considerable damage while remaining completely unharmed. In some cases, an individual can stand against attacks ranging from a barrage of bullets to a nuclear explosion. Two of my main characters, Patrick Donovan and Derek Marvin, possess this power in their own unique ways.

With Patrick Donovan, his ability to absorb heat not only increases his physical strength and stamina, but also his durability as well. The more heat Patrick absorbs, the more damage his body can withstand. When Patrick’s heat absorbing power first manifested, his invulnerability increased to the point in which he could tear apart solid machinery without injuring his bare hands.

With Derek Marvin, his body is already sturdy enough to sustain multiple collisions with energy shockwaves a blow from Cyber Shadow while only suffering a headache. However, even Derek’s durability has limits and can be breached if the attack inflicts sizable damage. Unlike Patrick’s version of the power, Derek’s invulnerability does not increase.


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  2. I’ve always viewed invulnerability as a power that’s very hard to balance. If used carelessly it tends to seem like a cop out, saying that “oh, he just doesn’t take any damage from that.”
    I appreciate the level of thought you put, not into the power, but into the weakness of said power. Keep up the good writing!

  3. When thinking of how a world would function with superpowered individuals, one of the things I considered was how police and military would deal with “invulnerable” people. in answering that, it was important to know how far invulnerability went. Did it apply to everything that harms, or just physical damage? In the case of the stories I’m working on, that answer varies by individual. However, some of the alternative attack methods I came up with are:
    -Capacitor rounds for shotguns, which administer a single extreme electrical shock on contact, burning out the nervous system or turning a person’s own muscles against them with a massive convulsion. These actually do exist, in a way, in the form of 12 ga Tazer rounds that stick on and stun a person with calculated pulses for up to 30 seconds.
    -diamond dust, crushed to leave sharp edges, flung out by grenade or other means, capable of blindong unprotected eyes.
    -standard pepper spray, which may work unless invulnerability includes chemical resistance.
    -neurotoxin paintballs. Same as the pepper spray, but deadlier. Used by military and SWAT.
    -suffocation rounds. Super-sticky gel that immediately foams up on hitting something and is almost impossible to get off, capable of covering mouth and nostrils in one hit and cutting off a superhuman’s air supply.

    One drawback I figured out for invulnerability showed up in Superman Returns. Simply put, if you are invulnerable to all harm, you are also invulnerable to surgery. Once you are broken, no one can help fix you.

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