One of my primary sources of inspiration has always been music. Whenever I hear a particular kind of music, I can better envision certain scenes that take place in my series. One of these songs is classical music like Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ode to Joy from the 9th Symphony. Upon hearing this lyrical work, I can envision legions of supervillains marching to engage the Young Guardians in battle while simultaneously causing all-out chaos. One would say that this song serves as giving me a foreshadowing sensation that hints that everything is about to explode in a burst of untold power.


  1. Music is powerful, and it is the most inspiring artistic expression out there (at least for me). If I don’t have a good bit of music, I am not getting any writing done. Haha. And as a reply to a previous comment, many classical music composers suffered from some form of insanity or mental instability. There is a lot of anger in Beethoven’s music, and a lot of chaotic emotion in Mozart’s… Also, Villains tend to be portrayed as more intelligent and philosophical characters, so classical music makes sense (obviously this is not 100% true for every Villain, but on average they are geniuses).

  2. It’s so funny, because as an adult trying to teach myself to play keyboard/piano, Ode to Joy is one of the first songs you learn. It’s so simple, but there definitely is something intense in the tempo. I can totally picture a scene of chaos with Ode to Joy blaring.

  3. I am pleased you love music as I do. I have sung in Beethoven’s Ninth which is where this song is found in the last movement”Freude” is repeated with fervour and the whole melody has wonderful vigour, What I feel is a miracle is that Beethoven wrote it when he was totally deaf What musicianship he had and what joy for him that he could ‘hear it in his head.
    All the best and thanks for reading my blogs. If you’re interested in my monthly letter, let me know at blog on wordpress.

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