One of the many advantages I wield as a result of my autism is my strong memory. Because of my laser-like focus, I am able to store information in my mind like a computer hard drive. Due to this, any information I find interesting is permanently imprinted on my psyche. When I was a kid, I managed to memorize considerable amounts of information about prehistoric life, particularly dinosaurs, while I was in elementary school and that information is still in my mind to this day. In addition, my strong memory has allowed me to acquire an intimate knowledge of subjects such as science fiction, Star Wars, the superhero genre, literature, basic cooking recipes, animal facts, and even what routes to take while driving around town without the use of road signs. This trait has served me well with my writing process because while some writers have to write down information about characters and stories for future reference, I do not require such a system. Instead, all ideas and inspirations are stored in my memory and I never forget any of it. If my autism has allowed me to memorize this much information in a quarter of a century, I wonder how much more I will memorize as I get older. Only time will tell.


7 thoughts on “MY MEMORY”

  1. What a wonderful thing, not so much to have this trait but to recognize it and put it to such a productive and positive use. I know others at different place on the spectrum and wish they could work things out, you have spurred me on to help more.

  2. You’re showing us the upside to what is considered a disability! Bravo! Differently abled is how many people refer to themselves when they discover how their abilities can be used to their advantage!


  3. You and my son sound exactly like. He knows just about everything about dinosaurs and remembers vast amounts of information. I’m glad that you recognize one of the major positives of autism and use it to your advantage.

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