Another mythological creature that I enjoy apart from dragons and high elves are dwarves. The reason for this is because they are bold, fearless, and loyal beyond measure. Not only are they masterful miners and craftsmen, but they are also formidable warriors. When it comes to parties, they tend to be a charming bunch who behave like college boys having a fraternity party. Dwarves have appeared in countless works of fiction ranging from The Lord of the Rings to the Inheritance Cycle. Since I have already included a high elf in my series, I decided to include a dwarf or two as well. In the third volume of my series, two of the new characters are a pair of dwarves named Devan and Geban. These two individuals are acquaintances of the female lead, Tinisha Dolaira, and they come from the same world as Tinisha. In terms of personality, Devan and Geban are afraid of nothing, treating a fight like a game, and always look on the bright side of life. Their powers include physical strength and durability that is vastly superior to a human they possess terrifying skill with their mace and war hammer.

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