My current project has taken an exciting turn because I am on the ninth and final chapter of my third short story. This chapter will conclude the origin story of the main and most powerful supervillain in my series, Vogan. The final chapter will reveal the completion of Vogan’s descent into madness as well as the creation of his supervillain syndicate, the Black Pantheon, and the Young Guardians’ benefactor, the White Triumvirate. The Black Pantheon got its name because in mythology, a pantheon is a group of gods and deities, which is a direct reference to Vogan’s god complex. The White Triumvirate got its name because it has three leaders who see each other as equals. In addition, the reader will get a glimpse of Vogan’s master plan, which will be fully revealed by the fifth volume of the series.


Some believe that there is no categorization about supervillains, but upon closer examination, I noticed that they each have their own unique connection to the superhero that makes them distinct. The first category is the type of supervillain who tests the superhero’s physical limits and is kind of like a common thug. Another category is the type of supervillain who is a typical sociopath and challenges the superhero on a mental level. A third category is the kind of supervillain who has an intimate knowledge of the superhero, allowing them to exploit their weaknesses for maximum damage. The last category is the kind of superhero who is more of a nuisance than a threat, indulging in petty crime such as stealing. In general, even though a supervillain always commits crimes and evil, they come in many forms, giving the superhero a challenge i any case.


Now that I am almost done with my third short story, I am already planning more short stories that will continue to fill in the gaps of my series. The next short story will revolve another significant character who will appear in the upcoming fourth volume of my main series. After this fourth short story is complete, I will resume my main series by starting the fourth volume. Once the fourth volume is complete, I will write four more short stories. Among these short stories will be a number origin stories for a number of the main characters such as Tinisha Dolaira, Triple Ace, Cynthia Andrews, and Cyber Shadow/Brick Baxter. With Tinisha story, it will not only tell her origins, but it will also give the reader a look at what kind of mystical world she came from before she crossed over into 21st Century Earth. For Triple Ace, her story will finally reveal what secret she has been hiding behind her mask, which she never removes even in front of her teammates. Cynthia’s story will elaborate on what traumatic event caused her to develop split-personality disorder and, as a result, two separate sets of powers. With Brick Baxter/Cyber Shadow, his story will not only reveal the mindset that will lead to him becoming a cyborg supervillain, but it will also illustrate how he survived his defeat in the first volume. I look forward to working on all of these future projects and bringing my superhero universe closer to completion.


I am entering the eighth chapter of my third short story and this will be the most morally ambiguous scene in the story. It will depict the origins of Vogan’s god complex and how he views himself otherwise, which will set the stage for the events that are currently happening in the series. Also, this chapter marks the near-completion of this particular short story and the beginning of the fourth. I must say that I feel a very special case of satisfaction from finishing this short story because I have always wanted to depict the origins of the main villain of my series who is the driving force of everything that has transpired so far.


The very first superhero film I ever saw was The Rocketeer by Disney. When I was a kid, it had a significant impact on me because it portrayed an underdog being given a chance to punch the forces of evil in the face. I liked the fact that the film took place in 1938, which was when the Golden Age of the superhero comic books first began. It was this film that first got me interested in the superhero genre. In addition, Alan Arkin has been one of my favorite old school actors because he would usually play the wise man and I liked him in this film as much as his roe in The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! Timothy Dalton made an excellent villain even though he was briefly James Bond, who is an iconic hero. Jennifer Connelly did a great job playing a stronger and more confident version of the damsel in distress role. Finally, Bill Campbell, who I never heard of before seeing this film, was an ideal choice to play the unlikely hero who started from nothing only to find a device that made him extraordinary. I would recommend this film to anyone who is seeking a superhero story that thoroughly depicts the purity of the American spirit in the face of great darkness.


I have started the seventh chapter of my current short story and it is the chapter I have been waiting for ever since I started this short story. As a warning, this chapter will be the darkest and most graphic scene in the plot since it will depict an individual’s descent into madness. Some of the events that will take place in this chapter are based on things I wish could happen to anyone and everyone who irritate or anger me. In a way, this will be a very therapeutic chapter to write. On the side note, this chapter will serve as the turning point of how Vogan became the main villain of my series and set the stage for the events that have taken place in my series. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


We are so accustomed to seeing a traditional villain in a story. A traditional villain can range from a sadistic psychopath or a megalomaniacal sociopath. What we sometimes overlook is a type of villain who possesses heroic characteristics. Personally, I find this type of villain more interesting than a traditional villain because they provide a more intricate story and can have motivations that are morally ambiguous. In some cases, the anti-villain’s intentions are good, but the price they are willing to pay is high beyond measure. Other times, the anti-villain has hostile intentions, but end up doing the right thing in the end. One of the main villains of my series will turn out to be an anti-villain. I won’t say who, but what I can say is that their motivations and plans will rock the modern world to its core.


It appears that in the near future, my writing schedule will become even more elaborate due to the rise of new projects that will expand my series beyond their book forms. In addition to the main five volumes of my series and the short story sub-series, I am also planning to continue the graphic novel script I started last year as well as utilizing the skills I acquired in my Screenwriting Classes to convert my books into screenplays. With enough luck and perseverance, I hope to have them made into both films and graphic novels. It sounds like a full plate and hefty task to undertake, but they are among my goals to accomplish with my series. Wish me luck!


This is by far my favorite of M. Night Shyamalan’s films before he lost his touch. What intrigues me about the story of this film is that the main character started out as a normal person, but after a life-chaning event, they discover that they are actually extraordinary. While most of the main character’s powers were relatively mild compared to superheroes in comics, I was impressed by how the power of invulnerability was portrayed. In addition, I enjoyed the numerous comic book references that were made throughout the film because it made the plot more authentic. Samuel L. Jackson’s character was also interesting because he was like everyone else, trying to discover his purpose in the world. Jackson’s character also served as a polar opposite of Bruce Willis’s character, someone who is as fragile as glass just as Willis’s character is as durable as metal, which was a good theme for the film to follow along with Willis’s transition from normal to extraordinary. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a superhero story in which the superhero in question is more human.


I have started on the sixth chapter of my third short story and this will be a critical piece of the story that will set the stage for the events in the main series. Essentially, it will portray the catalyst that pushes Vogan over the edge and transforms him into the main villain of the whole series. The chapter following this one will be the darkest chapter in the story and will involve some aspects of my imagination that must never see the light of day. It is only fitting that the next chapter be the darkest in the whole short story since Vogan is the incarnation of the negative parts of my personality. One might say that writing about Vogan and his origins is a form of therapy that I would not find anywhere else. I have been looking forward to writing the next chapter for some time.